Rare Mixes & B​-​Sides

by Psyche

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Rare Mixes & B-Sides released September 13th, 2013


released September 13, 2013

A collection of collaborations with People Theatre, Fading Colours, DJ Ram, never before released remixes, and songs from the Psyche archives being released digitally for the first time. Enjoy!


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Psyche Germany

Legends of Dark Synthpop.


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Track Name: The Final Call
Man grows restless
As the big city becomes fat, and lazy
Racing towards an uncertain future
Competition and fear compel our ambitious desires.
Track Name: Angel Lies Sleeping (Extended Techno Express)
Turn the lights out
Lock the door
Fan the flames you know I'm ready for more
Keep in motion
You got me down
In the darkness
Between the sheets

Alone with you when the angel lies sleeping
Not aware of any danger
Alone with you when the angel lies sleeping
Just like the rhythm of love

Don't hesitate
You're keeping secrets
Melting in the heat
It's screaming through your veins
It burns your soul
And as the image fades
You have to know
Track Name: If You Believe (Radio Promo Mix)
In the moonlight, by the sea
Thought I was drowning
Now I believe
That sometimes love
It escapes and dies

I just remember
That look in your eyes

If you believe in me
I will try
If you believe in me
That's all I need to stay alive

When the evening
It makes you sad
I'll be the healing you never had

They may pass you by
But when you need me
I'm at your side
Track Name: You Ran Away (Out On The Streets Mix)
All this temptation
You tried to give
When I was only looking
For a place to stay
I needed someone to share my heart
But now you tell me
You're going away
It should have been easier
To find a love
But now you've left me
Begging you to stay
You ran away
Leaving me all alone
You ran away
Now I've got no home
You ran away
Now I'm wandering
Alone on this street
I'm searching every place
Where you could be...
You ran away
How could you leave me
With no place to stay?
You ran away
Didn't you know
I've got nowhere to go?
Track Name: Tears (Dream Mix)
I saw you, watching
Your face in the dark
In the shadows, call for a name
Sometimes the deceit, some kind of lies
Did it mean anything?
See you in my dreams
It was a twist in the night
You were alive to me
It was a hopefull sight
It wasn't said to be
And now I settle down
In a conscious state
And I know I can't
Because it's too late
Can I take it back?
Like a piece of fate
Look into my eyes, and don't you lie to me
It was only for a moment
It was only for a breath of time
Did it mean anything?
The touch of your flesh on mine
Now, I don't care where you are
No, I don't care where you are
But I know in my heart I'll try to find you
Now, I don't care where you are
It's just a kiss in the night
And now it's been a long time
Can I take it back?
Your flesh on mine
These are the ties that bind
These are the tears in my eyes
It was only a moment in time
It was only a look in your eyes
The measure of your kiss
A second of perfect bliss
These are the ties that bind
These are the tears in my eyes
Will you give it back to me?
Will you give me back my life?
I need that moment back
These are the tears in my eyes
Track Name: Uncivilized (Train Station Radio)
lyrics vary from the hit single, "You're not the last to know" instead of "That's what I want to know"

Train station on you mind
take me out to unwind....
Track Name: Unveiling The Secret (Memphis Team Mix)
The words made flesh
And I could touch their skin
A landscape of desperation
No great army, no soldier of fortune
Could get me through that day
The action was so revealing
That the feeling will never go away

Hold on to me and I´ll give you
my pulse
I find the need so appealing
Untie the knots in my soul
Until I feel the secret unveiling
I reach up for any face
I was never good at concealing

But I have the nerve I´ve pushed before
If only to bury the fear
You wear a coat of armour
I´ll take the chance
And break through that shield

Hold onto me I´ll give you my pulse
I find myself reaching too far
Track Name: X-Rated (Depravity Mix by The Sepia)
You've got the face and the temperament
Time for action on the World Wide Web
Links for every taste from A to Zed
All that you want with Adult Check
Privacy, security
No limits sensuality
The camera's on, the clothes are gone
Satisfaction guaranteed

X-Rated - you're a casualty
X-Rated - personality

You turn it on for the monitor display
Download the picture and you take away
Visuals, every category
Eye popping, gobstopping
Down on your knees
Privacy, security
No limits sexuality
The camera's on, the clothes are gone
Satisfaction guaranteed
Track Name: The Hiding Place (Hands Of Fate Mix by Elektrohandel)
The city street's like an exhibition
I held your picture in my hand
A lifetime in your eyes
Remember how you wanted me
The hidden scars you'll never see
And the sound of us breathing

This is our hiding place
Another warm embrace
When will they ever learn?

It's like a vision in the hands of fate
Religion on the monitor
A word that breaks my soul
No one left to rescue me
Just unfinished melodies
We're on the silver screen

Even the greatest stars
Are alone in the looking glass
Are alone tonight
Track Name: Lonely One (Piano Version)
There's a place where lover's go
To try to see through all illusion
To share our thoughts like we wanted to
I try to hold on to all I need
For you
For you
You don't have to be the lonely one
No, you don't have to be the lonely one
And I can see when I look in your eyes
That sometimes you've been so afraid
If I can say there'll be no more lies
Is there a chance that you might stay
That you might stay?

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