Love Among The Ruined (Special Edition)

by Psyche

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released July 22, 2012


all rights reserved



Psyche Germany

Legends of Dark Synthpop.


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Track Name: Exhale (Arsenic Vox)
Five more minutes in time
For so many you have taken away

Take your time
Reach inside
Feel the fire begin

The blood is rising
I'm falling down
Here my only love is found

Sometimes I´m turning blue
Sometimes my skin is turning blue
When you touch me

For this temptation
Our love to be
The romance was a bad joke
And when it ended
You couldn't see
That we'd gone up in smoke

When I was blind
You gave me light
To touch the fire again

Now I can see
The burning sign
So take your love away
Track Name: Murder In Your Love (Club Mix)
In the night you burn me up
With your killer's eyes
And you killer touch
Put your healing hands down upon me
My eyes are closed I'm on the floor
A scream for help feeds your desire
I taste the blood as you close the door
You know I need you when the lights so out
That's when I beg for more

There's murder in your love
With every kiss I'm dying
There's murder in your love
Don't ever say good-bye

My limbs apart
Marquis demanding
Black light glowing on the wall
The bruises here will never leave me
i lie exposed and wait for more
In my suspense a drop of blood
A velvet lash that never shows
The ecstasy binds me to you
When you hold me close

I wanted to touch you
I wanted to hold you
But I know that your love is killing me
Track Name: Sorrow
When you find a love
And you want him to stay
You've given everything
Then you turn around
And you know it's too late
Now he's gone away

That's when my sorrow remains
My sorrow remains
I don't know why I feel this way
I don't know why I feel this way

How could you know?
If it would be right
Was I the one to blame?
Now it's tearing at your heart
Turned around and walked away
Tried to make him stay

Was I the one to blame?
Was I the one to blame?
Track Name: Drowning Pool
My eyes
You've stolen my eyes
They were made for you
When I wouldn't give you mine
You see your face in my reflection
Across the room
You're trapped inside my skin
In the flesh within
Your shame
You're giving me your face
You were number 8
How many more were vandalized
Miscreations to be denied?
A reflection in the drowning pool
Your skin is mine and the flesh within
Welcome brother, welcome within
This holy land where we begin

Reflections in the drowning pool

Welcome brother, welcome within
This holy land where we begin
Join in, melt with us
Where everyone is like the last
You've learned nothing
Trapped inside my skin
Never to last, but multiplied
Recreated without exchange

Reflections in the drowning pool
Track Name: Land Of Broken Promises
Walking down the street alone
Trying to find my way to you
No one here on this lonely night again
See the skies turn by like the tears in your eyes
See the light come down and it's shining bright

This is the land of broken promises
Come and take my hand
I'll show you the way
This is the land of broken promises
Where dreams are made to be forgotten again

You danced the night alone I know
Seemed to never stop but you go on
Look in to your eyes at night
Don't you know the river flows
And shines so bright
When you're standing next to me

Take my hand
Out tonight
Slow me down
You know the way
Track Name: Belong To You

You treated me bad
You treated me mean
You kicked me down
Lower than I've ever been
But one thing I want you to say
One thing that I need from you
Just tell me I'm yours
And I'll do anything you want me to

Well I don't know
How to give up the fight
I would do anything
That you think is right
Just tell me I belong to you
I want to belong to you

Just say I belong to you

The sky's the limit
So shoot it on through
I'm down on my knees
To have or leave
Don't you know
Whatever you say I'll follow along

Just say me I belong to you
I want to belong to you

Treat me bad
Treat me mean
Kick me down lower
Than I've ever been
The sky's the limit
As wide as the sea
Well, I don't know
Why I let you do the things
That you do to me
Whatever you want I'm ready to do
I'm at your knees

Just say I belong to you
I want to belong to you
Track Name: Fallen Star
Now you're standing in the dark again
With your lonely heart
Everything's been torn apart and broken
Without a tear

Always forgetting
Who you are
And where you've been
Stars are born to be broken
Thrown away in time

Thrown away

Time moves so slow again
And here the lines are drawn
All the gates have been shut down
You know the reason why

When the hearts are offered
You'll shoot them down
From the sky

Shot down
In time

The lights are gone forever
The lights are gone forever

Who's going to save this fallen star?

You'll never see my eyes again
You'll never look into my eyes again
Track Name: The Game
Never thought it might be wrong
To lose my way into this game
You were the reason
I gave it all away

Sometimes we may have gone too far
Reached again beyond the sky
Where others hands had fallen
We dive into the clouds again

Unlikely stories coming true
No excuses anymore
Invitations we've ignored
Because we'll leave it all behind

Like soldiers we survive
And we keep on playing
Naked in the end of silence
Sometimes just to remain
A desperate cry for understanding
Messages beyond reply

Have I been captured by the game?
Can I be forgiven?
Have you ever been lost before?
Have you ever played the game?

Rules, rules
Didn't want to play this game
Track Name: Brother Suicide

You come on fast with your target practice
You'll shoot them dead with a flash of your eyes
You're a christian boy
Who beat the devil
I know you're not walking on that line
You'll bite the hand before it feeds you
You'll spit it out rather that you'd crawl

Danger is just a plaything
Like dynamite in the afternoon

You're Brother Suicide

Undress on camera
Now hit the spotlight
You're like the cat who's won the prize
A spooky child with a taste for adventure
Everyone wants to get inside

Undress on the camera
Spit it out rather that you'd crawl

You're Brother Suicide
Track Name: The Hurting
Standing around the corner
You were afraid to go outside
Then your heart was stolen
All you needed was some time

In the moment when the hurting
Finds no way to heal
There is nothing but the memory
When love had gone for real

You stood alone on that day
It all seemed so safe and true
Before a tear had fallen
That's not what love's supposed to do

In the moment when the hurting
Finds no way to heal
There is nothing but the memory
When love had gone for real

In December
When the snow is falling
I will think of you
Track Name: Assassin

Now I lie down on shattered glass
Feel the dagger against my skin
Calling for the devil's kiss
Know you'll come in for the kill

Whisper in the night
My assassin
Our last kiss goodbye
The assassin

Desire hiding behind the mask
A savage tongue pressed on burning lips
This fire leaving a carnal scent
Silent as a final breath

Whisper in the night
My assassin
Our last kiss goodbye
The assassin

Silence is a final breath
Silence is a final breath

Surrender in the night
Somewhere far away
A fire leaves a carnal scent

Hold you in his arms
And take you far away

The assassin

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