Insomnia Theatre (Original Canadian LP)

by Psyche

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Original Canadian LP Version. Remastered for Digital + Thundershowers 12" (Alternative Version) as bonus track.


released February 15, 2005


all rights reserved



Psyche Germany

Legends of Dark Synthpop.


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Track Name: The Brain Collapses (Dance Mix)
Late at night when I can't sleep
My mind wanders around my room, and I dream about my shattered emotions, the loss of what you took away...
Track Name: Wink Of An Eye
Walk on hot coals
Until you fall on your back
Eyes ablaze
Put me in the shade
Your emotional overkill
Makes everyone a slave
Bodies burn in ice

A knifeblade to your neck
A wasteland of guilt
But who can convince you
You´ve started talking to yourself
And you live off everyone else
With a temperamental strategy
A mind with no ambition
You make others feel the need
To live with hedonism

Living in a cage
Holding out your hands
Screaming at a wall
And no one understands
As the echo eats away
At your pride and dignity
And no-one really cares

You´ve got the nerve
To offer sex as consolation
For all the things that you´ve taken
You´re a psychic vampire!

Using others´ guilt as your control
When you feel the grip is sliding
You´ll crush the ego
Leaving empty souls in limbo
Crying for your help
Voracious laughter
The devil´s vice...
Track Name: Maggots
Always looking for an insult
Well I can´t talk to you
I´ve got something on my mind
Something on my mind

And like a maggot It´s eating me up inside

Watch out for the heartless
Waiting for the kill
And as the violins sail
To quote the virtues of despair
Quote the virtues of despair

Ooh like a maggot
It´s eating me up inside
Eating me up inside
It´s crawling inside my flesh
Crawling inside my flesh!
Track Name: Children Carry Knives
You felt me kiss you like a punch in the face
Your soul is damned by several sins
Just trying to get by
You believe in your lies
Ignorant to the truth
Children carry knives

Noise in the background
Only the hungry are free
But we fight and love
With false chivalry
Everything is clear as babies cry
And children carry knives
And you scream and yell
At the violent offspring
But it´s a shallow attempt at making sense
When you live with sadistic intention
Our defence is our destruction
And our laws for protection
Are sometimes enough to kill
Frustration builds with everything
You try to hide
Leader of organisation

Growing in anger with all we learn
The code of ethics is changed
When our backs are turned
Strength is the answer
Passive protest starts to weaken
But before the fall
Children carry knives
Children carry knives!
Track Name: The Brain Collapses (Original Concept)
In the morning when I awake
The room spins ´round my stomach ache
That leads straight to my head
The curtains are closed
The room is cold
And there´s nothing left but my memory
Scratching the air
Another body falls to the floor
And a disfigured face waits at the door
As the brain collapses

And you couldn´t ever call this living
When you´re just physically going through directions
Trying to avoid the obvious dead end
I don´t want to see the obvious dead end
As the brain collapses
Track Name: Thundershowers (12" Version)
Now I can´t be sure of my feelings
Whether they are right or wrong
Whether thay are right or wrong
I´m running off in all directions
And I´m hoping that it´s not
Going to take this long
And there´s a price you pay for pride
But who can I trust?
Now who can I trust?
I´m surrounded in a light opens all arond me

Thundershowers in ivory towers
I see the rain coming down
It´s coming down on you

When the sun comes up
I´ll leave this place
And start looking for another life to live
It´s all in the dreams you´re dreaming
It´s all in the amount of time you give
People will come back and people will go away
But the ones you trust are not the ones
who wish they stayed

I see the rain coming down
It´s coming down on you
Thundershowers in ivory towers
Coming down on you

But what´s important is experience
And by that time you will know
Over and over they´ll come back again
But what´s important is experience
And by that time you will know

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